Raggi Gísla
19. september 2013
The magazine Fiskifréttir has in its latest edition a very positive article about a boat that uses a line system from OILWIND. The article is translated to English below

Boats that use baiting machines are a rare site on the northern land of Iceland, but a line system together with a baiter was installed on Raggi Gsla SI just one year ago, and the vessel has had excellent results after some initial obstacles, says Ragnar Ragnarsson, who is the skipper on Raggi Gsla, with the magazine Fiskifréttir.

Ragnar says that the line system comes from OILWIND and it functions comparable to the baiting system and he believes that the future lies in such gear. I think that all smaller boats should have such gear so that they do not have to struggle with baiting on land. I feel sorry for the people who still stare down into the bait bucket and refuse to get gear that does this kind of work for them. Whats more, its even difficult getting people to do that kind of job. I have a bait cutter onboard and it cuts the bait as the line travels through the baiting system and baits itself. For the most part I use saury and crab as bait, and I thaw the bait only once so that the bait is fresh when it goes out.

The Faroese line system from OILWIND includes a baiting funnel, a bait cutter, a line hauler with fittings that is also equipped with a coiler and a racking system that makes sure the hooks are properly stored into magazines.


The system comes in different variations for vessels that are 5 and up to 40 meters in length.

Ragnar Ragnarsson at last says that his OILWIND line system was installed on the vessel in a smithy on Siglufjrinum and that he is perfectly satisfied with the quality of the gear and the installment.

Here is a movie that demonstrates the autoline system.


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